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FACTORS  IN  INDUSTRIAL  COMPETITION.                    433
was at work. Is it possible that any employer with a grain of self-respect, or any intelligent person,, will say that such a matter is open to arbitration ? Our common law recognizes prosecution and imprisonment, but it recognizes the arbitration of crime as the compounding of a felony and calls tfiis a crime in itself.
The proposition has been made by a President of the United States that employers should not discriminate against union men, but that union men on the other hand should not interfere with non-union men working beside them. This is a most excellent solution from an academic standpoint, but in nine cases out of ten where such an arrangement is attempted it is overthrown by the union element, and in places where the troubles have developed into riot and murder we have yet to hear of any assistance given by labor leaders to the legal authorities to punish the instigators of crime.
Labor organizations are a form of socialism. In the same category stand the paternal laws of Germany'and the less radical measures proposed or enacted in our own land. This fact does not necessarily brand them as wrong, for socialism may contain elements of right and justice. I do not make the senseless generalization that, since trades unions are socialistic and socialism wrong, therefore the unions are wrong; but if socialism is right, it is right for all; there must be no classes in America. There is no stone wall between the humblest laborer in a steel works and the manager. The pathway is wide open from the workshop to the sanctum of the administrative head. The rule that applies to one must apply to the other. If eight hours is the maximum time for the laborer, then the same law must govern the manager. If the humblest workman must not work except within certain hours, then the manager must not ihink except during the same interval. The mechanic must not go home and think how a job can be done better, the superintendent must not improve the plant, nor make more steel today than yesterday. Moreover, if no man is to do work except at his own trade, then no man must work in his own garden, raise his own flowers, or mend a broken fence. Such is the inevitable logic of the labor union.
The labor leaders will hardly wish to say that there are classes and castes in America, and if there are no classes then the same rules should govern all; and if these rules are to be made for all,